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Our Stages to Ordering:

Stage 1

Contact us via email after initial phone conversation with your requirements so we can review everything written down and have a starting point. Just to let you know, we start designs off always with the ‘Short Sleeve Jersey’ and ‘Bib Shorts’ combination for cycling articles and the ‘Tri Suit’ for Triathlon. All other items feed from these articles which you may desire.

Stage 2

If you have existing designs and have the ‘rights’ to use these, then we are happy to work with them. You will also have the choice of adding extras to these to enhance or change the design around. We need 2-3 days to turnaround designs as we schedule these into our pipeline. We require all logos you wish to use in vector format and these can come to us in .eps or .ai formats. Additional charges can be applied if we need to re-create logos on your behalf but we do offer this as a service.

Stage 3

We agree on a Sizing Evening and come visit you and your club whilst the design is being worked up or signed off in parallel. When the design and pantones have been signed off and afterwards you are happy to proceed with production, we issue you an invoice, the order sheet and the design once again for you to confirm and 50% deposit falls due.

Stage 4

As soon as the deposit is paid, we advise your estimated date of delivery. This is typically 6 weeks from date of order during non-peak times but can rise to be 7-8-9 weeks in peak periods (Mid Jan- End of May) as custom clothing around the world markets goes into the red zone from Jan-End Of May as you can understand. This is why it is important to contact us as soon as you decide that you require quality clothing.

Stage 5

When your order is ready for delivery, we will let you know the week beforehand and you will be required to pay the remaining outstanding balance (50%). As we always handle the products, we check over your order and then we deliver to you.

If you have any queries on any of the above, just drop us an Email, Tweet Us, Facebook Message Us or Call us.

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