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VeloRevolution’s New ‘HYDRA’ Waterproof Short or Long Sleeve receiving great reviews

Our new item now released to all clients has been well received and the feedback has been super positive. This started off as an experimental article during the summer months and now we have released it. This item can be produced in just short sleeve or long sleeve but for now, it is all in black with the centre front panel customizable as the below images will show.

This product is a torso fitting, aero, soft shell short or long sleeve jersey that will block the wind, shrugs off the rain but most importantly is highly breathable. The idea of the Hydra is to keep you comfortable in the cold and wet without heating up which is normally associated with a rain cape or gilet. Used as a wet weather performance item for a real advantage, its perfect for cool dry days too that will be nippy, for example for a couple of hours training or racing in the rain, the Hydra is all you need. (think of it as a Jersey and a Gilet as one, short or long sleeve.). We think that this item should always be worn as the outer layer.