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VeloRevolution teams up with Photographer Karen M.Edwards

It is with great pleasure that VELOREVOLUTION is partnering with Karen Edwards for the 2015 season to bring all the races to life through her lens.

With a background in art, fashion and design, photography is a way of expressing Karen’s visions and Cycling has been a part of her life ever since she watched her Uncle race at a young age so it is deeply rooted in her upbringing. She hopes to portray her passion, sheer dedication and the beauty of cycling, through her photography.

At VeloRevolution, we hope to be able to support her capture the agony, the ecstasy and the preparation that all cyclists and their supporters make in the life’s to enjoy riding the bike.

Thanks Karen for teaming up with us.

For more info on Karen M.Edwards Photography –

(below are some of her shots from this year)