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VeloRevolution launches new Hydra Type2 Waterproof article for the rider. Full Custom Team colors..

VeloRevolution launches a new product this weekend which we are adding to our ‘Hydra Suite of Waterproof Products’ and naming this new product the Hydra v2.0 which will sell along side its related Hydra v1 launched last year (Please See –″) which we will keep in our collection for our clients so the rider has choice. Whilst listening to our sponsored riders and trying to get closer to the Gabba from retail brand Castelli, we developed in conjunction with our partner factory this new product.

Even though both products excel in the cold and wet weather to keep the rider dry, it is different to the Hydra V1 and this is why we will keep both products to offer them, the Hydra v1 will remain at its current cheaper pricing.

Differences Hydra v1 versus Hydra v2
1) The Hydra v2 Offers Full Custom Team Color Option. (the hydra v1 only comes in black with centre panels custom as per related story)
2) The Hydra v2 uses ThermoLight Material whilst the Hydra v1 uses a brushed off Watershield Nano Technolology. Both super defenses from the rain.
3) The Hydra v2 has a specific storm/rain flap construction that will protect from rain and wheel spray but can be tucked up underneath the pockets and clipped in when not in use.
4) The Hydra v2 contains a new invisible internal waterproof zipped pocket.
5) Minimum order of 10 for this new product. Priced 120e for Short Sleeve and 140e for the Long Sleeve Option.

Temps from -3 to 12c so it is similar to the Hydra v1 but offers more protection.

We are thrilled and excited to add this product to our range for our Irish Clients and have already taken orders so contact us for more Info.