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Sizing Nights – Yes We Can

At this time of the year, clubs decide on their 2017 kits so we spend a lot of time out on the ground with clients up and down the country meeting, greeting and most importantly sizing the members of the groups we are meeting. The process is pretty easy, structured and simple to follow so why not get in touch and we can take it from there.

We have navigation links above in the Menu above for our DESIGNS process and ORDERING process so please take a look at these and make contact. Our last review received from a customer is,

“Having worked with VeloRevolution to supply a small order of winter skinsuits, the club were so impressed with the quality and level of personal attention that Aidan affords his clients, that we decided to make them our main supplier. The kit looks like it just rolled off the front of the pro-peloton. The fabrics are lightweight and high tech, the fit is flattering and makes all our members look that little bit faster, even when sipping coffee at a cafe stop. As kit coordinator for the club, my own experience is that Aidan is a delight to work with. He is obsessed with even the smallest details and will often go the extra mile to deliver for the club. Seriously, if you aren’t already a client, you really need to ask why it’s taken you so long to consider them.”

Order Information – Please Read | 086 6055523