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McCrystal smashes Irish Ironman record wearing VELOREVOLUTION – for the 2nd TIME !!

Bryan McCrystal of Team ASEA, one of our sponsored riders has just smashed his own IRONMAN IRISH record which he set in Barcelona with a time of 8hrs 41mins 29secs finishing in 22nd place in a large international field on Oct 4th, yesterday Sunday in Arizona with a new time of 8hrs 30mins.

In addition to this great achievement, Bryan won the Irish Classic Road Race League series which ended in September so his training for IRONMAN would have been shorted as the cycling season had just finished. To smash the initial record and then do it again, in a matter of a couple of weeks is incredible.

At Barcelona, McCrystal put in a time of 1hr 2mins 47 secs for the 3.8km swim in Barcelona, 4hrs 17mins 11secs for the 180km bike leg and an amazing time of 3hrs 18mins 30seconds for the 42.2km finishing run leg of the grueling event. We are simply gobsmacked at this mans pain threshold to put out such times in each discipline. His bike leg was paced at an average of 42km per hr which was faster than any of the competitors who finished ahead of him. This over 180km !!!!!

In Arizona, his splits were 1hr 02min for the swim, 4hrs 16mins for the bike ride and 3hr 07mins for the marathon.

Bryan wore our new VeloRevolution styled SpeedSuit SkinSuit for the event over the traditional TriSuit seeing as the 80% of the air drag is caused by your body, the speedsuit could get you that faster time, is as breathable and provides more protection against the sun. This served him well at Kenmare (The Lost Sheep) previously in preparation for Barcelona in which he took the main honors also.

Well done Bryan. We are proud to be associated with you and your achievements.
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