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Kids Custom Cycling Kits from Age 6 up to Age 12 Available

Did you know that we can produce for the kids in your club,  kids sizes of items,  which generally starts with the age of the them. The items which we can do are,

  • Short Sleeve 100% polyester Jerseys
  • Long Sleeve 100% polyester Tops
  • Bibshorts with kids pads so thinner than the adult versions
  • Thermal Jackets
  • BibTights

These items come in different size ranges such as Size 1 (6yrs) , Size 2 (6/7yrs), Size 3 (7/8/9yrs), Size 4 (9/10 yrs) and Size 5 which is typically someone around Age 11/12 yrs of age depending on their height.

With Minimum order of 10 for any of these items which you may want so take for example a Jersey, you could order 2 x Size 1, 3 x Size 2, 3 x Size 4 and 2 x Size 5 to make up that Min Order Qty,  the quality of these garments is exceptional and is what you have come to expect from us.

Contact Us for more info on 0866055523 or