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Both National Classic League Winners in 2015 wear VELOREVOLUTION

In 2015, we were sponsors to the ‘DID Ladies Racing Team‘ in addition to being a sponsor of  ‘Team ASEA‘, the club of Ireland’s now Elite National Road Race Champion Damien Shaw and we are so pleased that in both of these teams, the winners of the Irish National Classic League Series has come from.

Aideen Keenan from the DID Ladies Racing Team captured the League in the last round of races during September and in August, Bryan McCrystal captured the Male Title. Both riders starting racing back in February and its a great testament to their strength of character that they won throughout the following months and ended up winning the coveted titles of National League winners. Aideen even suffered a fractured collarbone in June and came back early to make sure she won the league.

Its a great showing of our products quality that we have riders of this calibre racing and winning over 7 months.  More info can be found on these links

We have created a gallery below of Aideen and Bryan !!