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2016 New Items Available for Clubs and Teams to order from now

In 2016, we have some exciting new items to add to our catelogue available to clubs, teams, events and corporate clients requiring High Tech Personalised clothing. These articles are,

  1. Race Suits (Jerseys stitched with Bibshorts, 2 pockets on rear – cooler for the rider versus a skinsuit)
  2. Short Sleeve Jerseys with no collars but longer sleeves
  3. MTB Baggies with internal shorts with padding inside
  4. Full Custom Waterproof Hydra which comes with a rain/spray protector
  5. More AERO Speedsuit
  6. Improved socks and also waterproof overshoes and gloves
  7. Afterwear items such as, stylish Polos, Track Tops with full zips and hoodie or with a high neck
  8. Speed Aero Triathlon suits, so when speed is important our aero suit will get you that faster time
  9. Lighter Long Sleeve option
  10. Full range of Female items, such as shorts (detachable braces), tights (with detachable braces) and new long sleeve options
  11. New Chamois’s Tried and Tested and we like em.

Check them out in some of the shots attached and just call us for more information.

#welcomeToOurWorld @velorevolution