Premium Kit Washing Instructions

Now that you have your new kit, we want to give you some recommendations on best practice maintenance. Below is some key washing instructions for the new High Tech items delivered to you.

  1. Wash separately: If possible from your everyday normal wear. (This will stop rougher articles such as Jeans or Velcro based items rubbing against your High Tech Cycling Kit). Washing Bags can help with this and these are a super idea to have.
  2. Piling: It is always the result of abrasion on coarse surfaces. This is the reason why we strongly suggest not to use embroidered or particularly abrasive bike saddles. Please ensure also that any Velcro is not in direct contact with the fabric. Do not wash Bibshorts or BibTights together with gloves, bags or rucksacks if they are Velcro based. A defect of the fabric (piling) is usually a consequence of mechanical actions.
  3. Deterioration of fabric: Our sweat is toxic because it generates odor-causing bacteria so as your new high performance fabrics are very delicate and deteriorate with use which we want to avoid as much as possible, we suggest to wash the garments immediately after each ride and not to store it while still wet or humid in a plastic bag or any other closed environment for long.
  4. Before washing: Your Bibshorts, turn these garments inside out and for other articles with zips, zip them up. This will protect the items, if they did rub off other items or indeed rub off the inside of the washing drum. Thermal Jackets or other Long Sleeve items do not need to be inside out as the material is more substantial. Basically keep the stitching on the outside of these finer items.
  5. Max 30c Wash Temp: This should be high enough. If you need to apply some vanish on stains before this or soak, then this can be done. For some elastan based items, reshape while damp.
  6. Use mild liquid/powder detergent: Only for your items, non- Bio Powder is what we recommend. Please DO NOT use BIO powder, as it is too harsh on the materials and do not use these powders that are 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 etc. Normal everyday non-bio is adequate.
  7. Do not use bleach or use softeners: They destabilize the High Tech Lycra we use over time.
  8. Dry your garments flat or hanging: Please never use the dryer. We know that there are mornings when you may be tempted if away at a stage race or at an event several days long, but please be careful. Intense heat will destabilize the fabric.
  9. Do not iron your items: We know this sounds crazy, but we have seen it. Your products do not require ironing.

Please Note:
– It’s important to make sure that when you are pedaling, there is no friction or any foreign object like a saddlebag or anything else loose or swinging from your saddle or body, that could perhaps repeatedly come in contact with your legs/hips at any point of the pedaling movement. Imagine you will do thousands of pedal revolutions on your spin. The only point of your body that should be touching the saddle area is your bum (the seat panel of the BibShorts), which is sitting firmly on the saddle. Check this and change or remove the saddlebag if necessary.
– Check to see your zip endings on your Jerseys or Gilets and that they do not cut into the shorts when riding.

Enjoy your new VeloRevolution Kit and we hope you that you Love Cycling in it, as much as we do.

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